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Sun-Pro created especially for people who play in the sun.

You Too Can Have Beautiful Skin!

     Since 1968, Sun-Pro ® sun protection and skin care cremes have attracted growing thousands of happy users. Satisfied customers are our best sales people -- pleased with the Sun-Pro ® results and eager to tell their friends.

     Ordinary "cosmetics" often are dreamed up in laboratories that are far removed from the real world. Sun-Pro ® products have been totally different right from the start. For they were created by a California Woman Golfer who wanted a better way to protect her skin from the harsh, drying effects of the California sun.

     Combining her knowledge of nutrition and chemistry, she developed a multi-purpose skin care and sun protection creme that would protect skin from the summer sun and the cold, dry winter air -- yet keep the skin soft and smooth. The new creme worked marvels for everybody who tried it.

     The thought of a woman starting their own business in the 60's was very rare. However, with her perseverance and desire to suceed she began the long road of starting her own cosmetic company. The creator of Sun-Pro ® was also an innovator.

  • Sun-Pro ® was the first COSMETIC based product with SUNSCREEN
  • Sun-Pro ® was the first SUNSCREEN / SUNBLOCK with Vitamins A, C, D & E
  • Lip-Pro ® was the first lip-balm with SUNSCREENS and Multi-Vitamins.
  • Heavenly Lips ® our products with unique DEVOTIONAL images on them.

  •      Now she has created another unique product Rita's Creme which she applied for a patent and has officially received a PATENT for this unique formula. As we say, "It's too bad she didn't patent those other unique ideas of hers." Live and learn.

         Moreover, Sun-Pro ® cremes have been time tested and proven to live up to all the good things that users say about them. Even with the expensive, first-quality ingredients in the Sun-Pro ® cremes, they often cost less than other brands. You can pay more for your skin care cremes, but why? We invite you to make your own comparison.

         Today, growing multitudes of outdoor enthusiasts constantly write and phone the Sun-Pro ® company to heartily endorse Sun-Pro ® products. And no wonder. Because Sun-Pro ® cremes were created "Especially for People Who Play in the Sun", and they really work!

         Your skin is priceless. Begin to take care of it now, the Sun-Pro ® way -- to help prevent premature aging of your skin and to help prevent even more serious skin problems.

         Try Sun-Pro ® products -- they're "Good For Your Skin". You'll see the difference. And so will everyone else.

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